Simon Butler


School of Informatics

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Simon Butler is a postdoctoral researcher in the Software Systems Research Group at the University of Skövde, where he works on the LIM-IT project.

LIM-IT is a collaborative research project with Swedish industry to investigate and identify solutions to lock-in, interoperability, and long-term maintenance challenges in practical software engineering contexts. Simon's work focuses on the challenges faced and practices used by professional developers to use open source software solutions as part industrial software systems.

Simon's research interests concern aspects of the challenges software developers face when creating and maintaining software. He has particular interests in program comprehension and software maintenance, as well as the socio-technical and educational aspects of software development, particularly in hybrid environments where open source software and proprietary solutions are used together.

He completed a PhD in software engineering at the Open University in the United Kingdom, where he was supervised by Michel Wermelinger, Yijun Yu and Professor Helen Sharp.