Beatrice Alenljung

Beatrice Alenljung

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

School of Informatics

Contact info

  • Room
  • H204
  • Assistant professor at School of Humanities and Informatics, University of Skövde, Sweden

  • Member of the Information Systems Research Group
  • Director of Graduate Studies
  • Representative of cognitive science (undergraduate studies)

Research interests

Current research interest is requirements engineering (RE) decision-making and RE decision support. The decision situation of the requirements engineer can be both complex and difficult to manage, due to for example the getting a general view of the large amount of information made by the requirements and that multiple persons are involved. Therefore it is important to provide the requirements engineers with appropriate decision support, for example requirements management tools that are adapted to the actual tasks. To be able to improve such decision support comprehension of the requirements engineers’ decision situation is essential, e.g. which decisions are actually made; which factors affect them; what decision-making activities do they carry out; and which decision processed exists? With this understanding as a base it is possible to approach what kind of decision support requirements engineers need and how such a support should be constituted. 


Member of SiREN - Swedish Requirements Engineering Research Network.


Currently involved in the following courses.

  • Human-computer interaction, Advanced level
  • Human-computer interaction - Usability B, Basic level
  • Human-computer interaction - Research perspective C, Basic level
  • Project in cognitive science, B Basic level
  • Cognitive science - Qualitative method B, Basic level
  • Decision support - A user-centred perspective C, Basic level
  • Decision support - A user-centred perspective, Advanced level
  • Final year project in cognitive science C, Basic level
  • Project in design of interactive systems B, Basic level
  • Project work in cognitive science A, Basic level


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Beatrice Alenljung