JSP editor

I wrote this editor in Java. The purpose was to get a Jackson Structured Programming tool that could be used in a programming course given at the department. I've made some minor updates to it over the years but the core is from 1998.

Try it!

Click here to load the applet version.

Download JSP-editor 3.2

This program is developed in Java. This means that you need a Java virtual machine installed on your system. It also means that the editor can be used on most computer platforms. Please visit http://java.com/en/download/manual.jsp for instructions on how to download Java to your platform.

Instructions for Windows users

Download the following file: jsp3.2.exe 

Double click the file and the editor should start.  

Instructions for other operating systems

Download the following file: jsp3_2.jar
Depending on your operating system, it may be possible to double click on the file to start the editor. If that does not work you should open a console, navigate to the directory where you saved the file and type:
java -jar jsp3_2.jar


Please note that I am not able to give support to the public on how to start and use the program. If you are unable to get it started through the instructions above, I kindly ask you to seek assistance from a person with knowledge on Java. There may be issues related to certain combinations of operating systems and Java virtual machines. In such case it may be better to look for some other tool.
Please note that this tool is provided "as is" to the public. Also note that the source code is not open and it is not allowed to reverse engineer the binaries to make extensions.

JSP Demo