Jenny Brusk

Jenny Brusk

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

School of Informatics

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Jenny Brusk, PhD

I have a background in computational linguistics and almost 20 years of experience of working with games, first as a game developer and later with the games educations in Skövde and Gotland. In 2011 I initiated DONNA, a project that works with gender equality and inclusive game development. I am also member of the board of Diversi, a collective force for creating diversity in games.


I am program director of Computer Game Development – Design and teacher in the following courses:

  • Preproduction of story-driven games – design and game writing
  • Game Design
  • Experimental Game Mechanics
  • Game Dialogue Systems
  • Supervisor and examiner of Bachelor theses in computer science with specalization towards game development.


My main research interest is game dialogue systems, in particular how game dialogues can be a means for game characters to express social competence. I am also interested in inclusive game design and I am currently part of the research project Inclusive Game Design in which we explore how to create games that can be played by seeing as well as visually impaired players on equal terms and with equal satisfaction.

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Jenny Brusk