Jonas Mellin

Jonas Mellin

Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

School of Informatics

Contact info

  • Room
  • PA520D


Research projects

Start End Research project/role
2011 2011 Project leader of Envolve Data Collection prestudy
2010 2012 Project leader of the WeShare2012 --- demonstrator 2 project: Information fusion and database technology in ambient assisted living
2005 2011 Member of the Information Fusion program
2000 2005 Project leader of the TETReS project.
1997 1999 Real-time operating systems evaluation project for Ericsson UAB, Stockholm.
1997 1997 Requirements engineering project for IDAB-WAMAC, Eksjö.
1996 1996 Technology Transfer Project of Real-time database system technology to ENEA.
1993 Present Senior member of the DeeDS (Distributed Active Real-Time Database System) project.
1993 Present Senior member of the DRTS (Distributed Real-Time Systems) research group.

Programming languages

Imperative C/Pascal/OCCAM-2/SISAL

XML XPath, XSLT, XQuery
Object-oriented C++/Python/CLOS/Modual-3/SDL
Script Perl/awk/Bourne shell/C shell/Tcl + Tk
Assembly MOS Technologies 6502/Motorola 6811/Motorola 68060/SPARC/Intel

Tools, environments, database management systems, operating systems, etc.:

  • Ptolemy II, OMNET++, Opensim, CERTI
  • Unix System V.4, Unix BSD 4.3, Linux
  • MS-DOS, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP
  • GNU toolset
  • SDT
  • Oracle, SQL Server, Access
  • XML (Saxon, Nux, Xalan: DOM, SAX, StAX)
Jonas Mellin