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Jörgen Hansson

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Internationalisation Strategy Manager, Vice-Chancellor’s Strategic Council


Jörgen HanssonJörgen Hansson, PhD in computer science, Linköping university 1999. He joined Linköping University in 2000 as a faculty member, and was promoted to associate professor (sv. Docent) in 2005 and Professor in 2008.

During the years 2001-2005 he was asked to lead the effort, together with Prof. Erik Sandewall, of establishing and running the federally commissioned national PhD graduate school in computer science (a k a CUGS), with Lund, Mälardalen, Skövde, Växjö, and Örebro as partner universities. During the same years he was chairing the educational board for the engineering curriculum (sv. högskoleingenjör).

In 2005, he joined the Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, as a Senior Member of Technical staff. In his role he was leading the Performance-Critical Systems initiative and co-leading the Architecture-Centric Engineering initiative.

In 2010, he joined Chalmers University of Technology as a Professor in software engineering. In this role he was leading the newly established Software Engineering Division, a joint division between University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology, and responsible for launching the Software Center, an industry-driven consortium and research center. In late 2013, he was recruited to University of Skövde.

Publications in 2014

Journal papers

R. Rana, M. Staron, C. Berger, J. Hansson, M. Nilsson, W. Meding, F. Törner, C. Höglund, "Selecting software reliability growth models and improving their predictive accuracy using historical projects data", Journal of Systems and Software (accepted 2014, to appear)

V. Antinyan, M. Staron, W. Meding, P. Österström, A. Henriksson, and J. Hansson, “Monitoring Evolution of Code Complexity and Magnitude of Changes”,
SPLST'13 special issue of Acta Cybernetica Journal (accepted 2014, to appear)

Guest editorial by M. Staron, J. Hansson, and J. Bosch, Special Issue on Performance in Software Development, Elsevier Information and Software Technology, Volume 56, Issue 5, May 2014, Pages 463–464

Book chapter

M.  Staron , W. Meding , J. Hansson , C. Hoglund , K. Niesel , and V. Bergmann, “Dashboards for Continuous Monitoring of Quality for Software Product under Development”, In Relating System Quality and Software Architecture, Morgan Kaufmann Publisher 2014, edited by Ivan Mistrik Rami Bahsoon Peter Eeles Roshanak Roshandel Michael Stal.

Conferences papers

R. Rana, M. Staron, J. Hansson and M. Nilsson, "Defect Prediction over Software Life Cycle in Automotive Domain - State of the Art and Road Map for Future”, ICSOFT – International Conference on Software Technologies, 2014.

R. Rana, M. Staron, J. Hansson, M. Nilsson and W. Meding, "A Framework for Adoption of Machine Learning in Industry for Software Defect Prediction”, ICSOFT – International Conference on Software Technologies, 2014.

R. Rana, M. Staron, C. Berger, J. Hansson, M. Nilsson, and W. Meding, "The adoption of machine learning techniques for software defect prediction: An initial industrial validation," in Proceedings of the 11th Joint Conference on Knowledge-Based Software Engineering, 2014.

A. Mamun, C. Berger, and J. Hansson, "Explicating, Understanding and Managing Technical Debt from Self-Driving Miniature Car Projects",  Proceedings of the 30th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution (ICSME), 2014.

V. Antinyan, M. Staron, A. Henriksson, J. Hansson, A. Sandberg, "Defining Technical Risks in Software Development”,  nternational Conference on Software Process and Product Measurement, 2014.

G. Liebel, N. Marko, M. Tichy, A. Leitner, and J. Hansson, “Assessing the state-of-practice of model-based engineering in the embedded systems domain”, Model Driven Engineering Languages and Systems, 17th International Conference, MODELS 2014.

D. Durisic, M. Staron, M. Tichy, and J. Hansson, “Evolution of long-term industrial meta-models – a case study”, In Proc. of the 40th Euromicro Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications (SEAA), Verona, Italy, 2014.

D. Durisic, M. Staron, M. Tichy, and J. Hansson, “Quantifying long-term evolution of industrial meta-models - a case study”, Proceedings of the IWSM Mensura Conference (2014), Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2014.

Jörgen Hansson