Lars Vipsjö

Senior Lecturer in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration

School of Informatics

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Lars Vipsjö, PhD in Art History and Visual Studies, senior lecturer in Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration at the University of Skövde. Has taught courses in art, design and media, at secondary, post-secondary and university level. Teaches and conducts research on cultural mediation and gaming applications. In the spring of 2014 was published Tecknad karaktär. Anatomi, fysionomi och psykologi (with Kevin Bergsten). The book sketches a historical background to the contemporary drawn character, and problematize about norms, ideals, prejudices and stereotypes.

Current research deals with cultural heritage passed on through gaming technology and a transmedia storytelling aimed at a younger audience.

Project Management

Project manager for Cultural Heritage and Gaming Technology in Skaraborg (KASTiS), a three-year project starting in August 2015. KASTiS is supported by Skaraborgs Municipal Association Growth Committee and is linked to the focus area Culture. KASTiS aims to develop a sub-regional collaborative and knowledge platform for the use of gaming technology in cultural mediation for municipalities, academia and the private and public sectors in Skaraborg.


“Creating Children's Books in the context of Pokémon Go, Museums and Cultural Heritage” (2017). Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries 2nd Conference. March 14th-16th 2017 Gothenburg, Sweden. (Poster-presentation)
Vipsjö, Lars och Johansson, Therese (2016). Kiras och Luppes Bestiarium. Jättinnan. Lidköping: Lokrantz förlag. ISBN 978-91-98351323 (Children book)
Vipsjö, Lars och Hansson, Matilda (2016), Harmannen. Lidköping: Lokrantz förlag. ISBN 978-91-983513-0-9 (Comic book)
Arvas, Maina (2015). ”Lars Vipsjö om onda stereotyper”. Intervju under temat ”Detalj” i Tecknaren #5 2015, Stockholm: Föreningen Svenska Tecknare.
“Scarred and evil – A villain stereotype that does not inspire empathy when he loses” (2015) In Westin, J., Foka, A. and Chapman, A (eds) Challenge the past / diversify the future – proceedings March 19-21 2015 Gothenburg: University of Gothenburg.

Vipsjö, Lars & Bergsten, Kevin (2014) Tecknad karaktär. Anatomi, fysionomi och psykologi. Lund: Studentlitteratur AB. ISBN: 9789144084824.

Vipsjö, Lars (2005). Den digitala konstens aktörer – En studie av datorintegrering i svensk konstundervisning, Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis, Gothenburg Studies in Art and Architecture, Intellecta Docusys AB, Göteborg. ISBN 91-7346-543-7

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