Magnus Holm

Magnus Holm

Head of Division/Senior Lecturer

School of Engineering Science

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I have been working at the University of Skövde since 2006. Coordinator for the engineering program in Automation has been my responsibility since 2008 and I am a parttime PhD-student at DeMontfort University (England) since 2010. In my research I am working together with prof. Wang for the research project Wise-ShopFloor. The participating companies in the research project are Volvo Cars, AB Sandvik Coromant and IDC West Sweden.

Journal Publications

Wang. L., Adamson. G., Holm. M. & Moore. P. (2012) A Review of function Blocks for Process Planning and Control of Manufacturing Equipment. Journal of Manufacturing Systems, 2012, Vol 31, No 3, pp 269-279.

Wang, L., Givehchi, M., Adamson, G. & Holm, M. (2011) A sensor-driven 3D model-based approach to remote real-time monitoring. CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology 60 p493-496

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De Vin, L., Holm, M. & Ng, A.H.C. (2010) The Information Fusion JDL-U model as a reference model for Virtual Manufacturing. Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 26 p629-638

Conference articles

Holm, M., Adamsom, G. and Wang, L. (2013) Enhancing adaptive production using IEC 61499 event-driven functions blocks, Proceedings of the NAMRC conference 2013, ISBN 087-26-3874-X

Adamson, G., Holm, M. and Wang, L. (2013) The state of the art of cloud manufacturing and future trends, Proceedings of the MSEC conference 2013

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Adamson, G., Holm,M. and Wang L. (2012) Event-Driven Adaptability using IEC 61499 in Manufacturing Systems, Proceedings of the SPS12 conference 2012 p453-460, ISBN 978-91-7519-752-4

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Holm, M., Doverborn, J. & De Vin, L. (2009) Optimisation of Operation Sequences in Flexible Manufacturing Cells using Virtual Manufacturing Tools. Proceedings of the FAIM conference 2009 p1348-1355

Magnus Holm