Tarja Susi

Tarja Susi

Head of Division/Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science

School of Informatics

Contact info

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  • G3508/PA320L


Research interests

My background is in cognitive science and human-computer interaction, and my research is mainly focused on interactions between agents and their socio-cultural environment, tool use and cognition, cognitive and interactive aspects of computer gameplay, and situated/embodied/distributed cognition. I am a member of the research groups Interaction Lab and Media, Technology and Culture.  

Research Project

Knowledge Transfer and Sexual Grooming Prevention through Computer Games – Kids, Risk Behaviour and Social Media (KidCOG). The project is receiving 3 million SEK in funding from the Sten A Olsson Foundation to investigate the sexual grooming process and children's use of social media and the Internet, with the aim of preventing online risk behaviour. More information.


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Tarja Susi