About the University and working for a government agency

The University of Skövde is a prominent university where training and research are found together in selected and excellent environments. The work is carried out in an academic environment characterized by consideration for the students, staff, and society.

Work environment

This is a creative environment where you are an important person. The University is an attractive workplace imbued by a professional leadership and an active employeeship. You will get a close relationship with your colleagues and the University’s students. As a government employee, you will get good work conditions and benefits regarding working hours, vacation time, parental leave, pension, and more.

Education in Swedish

Employees at the University of Skövde with a native language other than Swedish are offered education in the Swedish language. The education is offered at different levels of difficulty and the aim is to give the employee the ability to teach classes in Swedish.


For more information, contact Pernilla Hagström at the HR-department.