Jane Synnergren

Jane Synnergren

Bitr. professor bioinformatik

Institutionen för biovetenskap


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I am Associate Professor in bioinformatics at the University of Skövde, Sweden, and Head of the Translational Bioinformatics research group  consisting of a group of 19 researchers with a dedicated interest in bioinformatics. I have a background in Data Science and received my MSc in Computer Sciences from the University of Skövde in 2003.  During my graduate studies I developed my expertise in bioinformatics and large-scale omics data analysis and received my PhD from the University of Gothenburg in 2010.

My research is focused on analysis methods for identification of biomarkers and integration of multiple types of omics data. I am PI for several research projects specialized in stem cell differentiation, toxicity testing and disease modeling using stem cell based in vitro systems. I am also leading projects particularly focused on advanced analysis of big data, biomarker identification, and data integration with particular interest in machine-learning methods.

Working in close collaboration with the stem cell industry and the pharmaceutical industry we perform global expression studies including transcriptomics, proteomics, epigenomics, and metabolomics of human pluripotent stem cells during their differentiation towards functional cell types. The results from these studies have revealed mechanistic highlights during the early phases of stem cell differentiation and identified biomarkers with potential importance for applications in toxicity testing, drug development, and disease modeling.


OrcidID: 0000-0003-4697-0590


Jane Synnergren