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Schedule or Schema

Most of my teaching activities are scheduled in TimeEdit.


The project OSMGeoRef and the demonstrator PBFLookup make use of OpenStreetMap data to geolocate/georeference text phases as found in news paper articles or police reports. For example, if a news report is about a traffic accident on E20 near Vårgårda, the software's task is to identify the place were E20 passes closest to the city of Vårgårda. Similarly, if the report talks about Skolgatan, the software shall identify the right instance of a road of this name if the report names the municipality in the same input text. The software is designed specifically for Sweden (hierarchy of road names and administrative structures) and the Swedish language (stop words, for blacklisting certain terms, converting plural forms into singular, ...).

A demonstrator of the resulting software is available at

The demonstrator's source code is available at GitHub.

The project to develop this softwas was co-financed by IIS/Internetfonden


This is a selection of courses I am or have been recently involved in. Most if not all courses are given in English (see the course pages for details).

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Usually, file submissions for courses (e. g. reports) are to be submitted via the course's SCIO page. Only if explicitly requested or required, submit your files via as described below.

Unless otherwise explicitly requested, submit only PDF (Portable Document Format) files. Submissions

If you have to submit an exam or a similar written work to me via, use the following email address: