• Installerade professorer


    Historical Academic Ceremony

    The University of Skövde arranged a combined academic ceremony for the conferment of our very first doctoral degrees in Informatics and inauguration of new professors on October 10th 2014.

    Five of our new professors. Hok Chuen (Amos) Ng, Jeremy Rose, Ingrid Bergh, David Vernon and Jörgen Hansson.

  • Prover systembiologi

    Systems Biology – the study of biological systems

    The center organizes research aimed at understanding various biological systems. The research is driven by novel laboratory methods, methods to analyse large data sets, and modelling of the biological system in focus. Research is undertaken in the fields of bioinformatics, biomedicine, cognitive neuroscience, ecology, molecular biology and philosophy.

    Read more about Systems Biology Research Cemtre

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    Do you have questions?

    Feel free to ask all your questions about what to study, what it takes to get into, accommodation, leisure activities and student life. Here you can get tips and advice from teachers and students.



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15 June 2015

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