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    University of Skövde, link to startpage

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      University of Skövde, link to startpage

      The study environment, facilities and comfort

      The library, with its teaching rooms and the Study Support Centre, are a working and study environment for students, employees and visitors.

      The library’s study environments and facilities

      • Study places

        The library has various different types of study environment:

        • Computer workstations.
        • Seating areas.
        • Södra rummet, with work spaces that are suitable for group work.
        • Two small teaching rooms with computer workstations.
        • A quiet room with reading places.
        • A quiet room with sofas.
        • Group study rooms (various sizes) with whiteboards.
        • Group study rooms with large screens to which laptops can be connected.
        • A resource room with two computers and adapted software to support students with reading impairments.
      • Group study rooms

        There are sixteen group study rooms in the library, ten of which can be booked via the booking system (external link).

        • The group study rooms are intended for more than two people.
        • You must use your student e-mail address when booking a group study room, e.g. Confirm your booking within 30 minutes.
        • You can book group study rooms two weeks in advance.
        • You can only book a maximum of six hours a week, and the same group can only have a maximum of three hours booked on a single day.
        • Group study rooms are booked by the hour. Booking times can be continuous or spread out.
        • If a group study room has been booked but is empty for at least 20 minutes, another group may use the room for the rest of the hour.
        • Please cancel your booking if you don’t need the room.
      • Microoffice

        The microoffice is a soundproof cabin enabling you to take part in digital meetings without being disturbed. You find it downstairs in the library.

        The microoffice is soundproof and equipped with:

        • Height adjustable desk
        • Chair with wheels
        • Power socket

        There is no booking system of the microoffice. First come, first served.

        Bibliotekets podd - ljudisolerad hytt

      • Wi-Fi

        Students and employees have access to the Eduroam network. Instructions for connecting to Eduroam can be found on the IT department’s web pages. External visitors can access the wireless network HSGuest (external link).

      • Computers

        There are computers on the lower floor of the library next to the stairs and in Södra rummet. There are two computer rooms in the library, BIB202 and BIB203. Each computer room has nine computers and seating for working in pairs. BIB202 is also used as a teaching room, and access is therefore restricted at times.

        Students and employees can log in to a computer using their user account. External visitors can sign up for a temporary guest account at the library’s information desk.

      • Printing, copying and scanning

        There are three printers in the library, which can be used by students and employees for printing, copying and scanning. Select the FollowYou printer and then log in to a printer via your user account. You can link your access card to the printers to log in more quickly.

        More information about the printer system and how to connect your own computer can be found on the IT department’s web pages. Here, you will also find information about printing costs and how to refill your print quota.

      • The Study Support Centre

        The Study Support Centre is located in the library. The Study Support Centre offers help and guidance with: 

        • Language, style and structure
        • The writing process
        • Study strategies
        • Listing references

        Find out more about the Study Support Centre.

      • The Living Room

        The Living Room on the entrance floor houses newspapers and printed journals. You can sit and read or study here, alone or in groups.

        If you want to take a break, you can borrow a game from the glass cabinet.

      • Resource room

        A resource room, BIB201, is located in the library where the computer rooms are. The resource room is equipped with two computers with software to make things easier for those with reading disabilities.

        Description of software in the resource room:

        • Stava Rex – spelling checker and grammar support in Swedish.
        • TorTalk – speech synthesiser. You can use TorTalk to listen to text on websites and in documents. TorTalk is also available for University of Skövde students and employees to download. Contact Virpi Westin if you would like access to TorTalk.
        • Gustavas Ordböcker – software for carrying out electronic searches in Swedish and English dictionaries.

        Booking the resource room (external link). You can obtain log-in details from the University’s coordinator for students with disabilities.

      • Library rules

        In order to create a good study and work environment, the following rules apply:

        • Remember work environment. In order not to distrurb people around you, talk in a quiet voice and put your mobile phone on silent mode.
        • Be considerate towards visitors and personnel. Respect the limits within which personnel can help you.
        • The library’s materials must be treated with care. You must not make notes or underlinings in the library’s books.
        • You are welcome to eat cold snacks and drink non-alcoholic drinks in the library, but you must not eat smelly or messy food. If you want to eat hot food, you can do so in the University’s communal student kitchens and café areas.
        • Sort your garbage at the recycling stations.
        • The library’s computers may only be used in according with SUNET’s ethical rules (only in Swedish, external link).
        • Do not open the windows in the library, as this affects the ventilation.
        • To ensure a comfortable working environment, please let us know if you see anything that needs to be rectified.
      • Breaking the rules and disturbing others

        Anyone who repeatedly breaks the library’s rules or causes disruption in the library’s premises may be banned from the library. A decision will be made by the Library Director.


      Gläntan biblioteket

      Biblioteket Studiemiljö

      Podd, ljudisolerad hytt, i biblioteket

      Sju studenter sitter och arbetar vid datorer i biblioteket

      Bild på grupprum i biblioteket, med arbetande studenter

      Närbild på detaljer i biblioteket

      Studenter arbetar och pratar med varandra i biblioteket.

      Utsidan av biblioteket

      Studenter sitter och arbetar i biblioteket.

      Ljushårig tjejstudent tittar i en bok vid en bokhylla i biblioteket.

      Bild på tyst läsas i biblioteket

      Svart och vit vägvisare i biblioteket med förbipasserande student i bakgrunden.


      Library opening hours and contact

      Regular opening hours

      Mon - Thur


      (Access card)

      08-10, 18-21



      (Access card)






      Information desk and phone hours

      Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-16

      Published: 2/5/2020
      Edited: 7/28/2020