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      Library account and lending rules

      The library is aimed at students and staff at the University of Skövde, but the public can also access the physical library and borrow books.

      Library account

      You will need to register as a borrower in order to borrow books or request interlibrary loans and copies of articles. The minimum age is 16. Students should apply for their library account in Studentportalen (external link), not using the online form below.

      Employees and external patrons can prepare a registration by completing the form for new borrowers (external link). You can then collect your library card from the information desk, don't forget to bring a valid photo ID. It is free to apply for a library card.

      If you have a library card from one of the Bibliotek Mellansjö libraries, you can register and use it as a library card at Skövde University Library. Bring your card and valid photo ID with you for registration.

      Course literature books cannot be checked out. This applies to everyone including employees.

      By taking out a library card from Skövde University Library, you commit to following the library’s lending rules. You are obliged to stay updated with changes to the terms and conditions of borrowing.

      Lending period

      The normal lending period is 28 days. Certain exceptions apply:

      • Books in reservation queue: 14 days
      • Course literature, fiction: 7 days
      • Course literature: cannot be lent out
      • Journals: cannot be lent out
      • Reference works: cannot be lent out

      Automatic renewals

      The library practices automatic renewals. Automatic renewal means that all books you have on loan will be automatically renewed by the system at the end of the loan period, unless an item has been requested by another library user, your library account has been blocked or your library account has expired. Students may receive up to six renewals, each for another two weeks. This does not apply to 7-day loans, which will be renewed for at most one additional week.

      Damaged or lost books

      You will have to pay for damaged or lost books. The cost will be the re-acquisition cost plus an administrative fee of SEK 200.

      The library's lending rules

      • Lending rules

        Excerpt from HS 2018/674, Skövde University Library Rules.

        1 Introduction

        Skövde University library is a public library open to everyone (Library Law - Bibliotekslag SFS 2013:801).

        The University Library‘s collections, electronic resources and services are adapted to the subject areas of the university.

        The rules have been developed to provide as good a service as possible to the library users. All users, with or without a library card, and regardless of whether they are visitors to the physical library or users of the digital services at a distance, are obliged to follow these rules. “Material” refers to books, journals, magazines, cd -roms and other items provided by the library.

        The library opening hours can be found on the library web page and also in the library.

        2 Lending rules


        By registering as a user you commit to follow the lending rules.


        Anyone who is at least 16 years of age can apply for a library card by showing one of the following:

        • a valid Swedish identity card
        • a valid foreign passport
        • valid documentation from the Swedish Migration Agency or equivalent documentation

        Name, personal identity number, sex, address, e-mail address and telephone number are registered in the library system.

        The library processes personal data according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

        The library card is a valuable document. If the card is lost or stolen, the user is responsible for informing the library so that the card can be blocked. A new card can be obtained at a replacement cost.


        The user is responsible for reporting any change in personal data (name, address, e-mail address and telephone number).


        Users are obliged to return loans by the expiry of the loan period. Loan periods may vary for different types of material. So me material cannot be borrowed. Current information about loan periods and reference literature can be found on the library web page.

        The user is personally responsible for his or her loans until they are returned and checked in.


        The user is responsible for returning or renewing material on time. This also applies in situations with illness and if the user is away from home. The library makes no commitment to issue notices for the return of items but will do so as a service.

        If material is not returned despite recall notices, an invoice will be sent with the information about the cost of the material as well as an administrative fee. The user will also be suspended from further borrowing, renewals and from hold requests until the material is returned, a replacement copy has been bought or the debt has been paid. If the material is returned after an invoice has been handed in, the user is still obliged to pay the administrative fee stipulated on the invoice.


        The material of the library shall be treated with care. Making notes and underlining words in books is not allowed. You will be charged for damaged or lost materials according to 2.5.


        The library arranges loans from other libraries (interlibrary loans) for study and research for faculty, staff and students of the university as well as for students from other universities. Course books cannot be requested. For material from other libraries a charge may apply. Loan periods for the issuing library are applicable for these loans. Lost or damaged materials are replaced according to the rules of the issuing library.


        Items put on hold or interlibrary loans can be collected by another person than the requester if this person presents the library card and/or the identity card of the person who placed the request. The person who collects the item must also show his or her own identity card.


        Lending rules and conditions may be changed. As a library user you must keep yourself informed about changes and follow rules which have been added after your library card was issued.

        3 Use of electronic resources

        The library provides electronic resources, mainly databases, e-journals and e-books which are intended for study and research. You are not allowed to use electronic media for a commercial purpose, in violation of the Copyright Law (1960:729) or break the license terms of the providers. E-resources can be used by everyone visiting the library. Students and staff can also access most of the e-resources outside the university’s network by logging in with their user accounts.

      Library opening hours and contact

      Regular opening hours

      Mon - Thur


      (Access card)

      08-10, 18-21



      (Access card)






      Information desk and phone hours

      Monday-Friday 10-18, Saturday 10-16

      Published: 2/5/2020
      Edited: 7/23/2020