Library card and lending rules

The library is open for students and staff at the University of Skövde, but it is also open for the public. In order to borrow books and request interlibrary loans you need a library card.

Library card

Everyone from the age of 16 can register as a user and get a library card, please go to the information desk and bring a photo-id. It is free to apply for a library card. 

If you lose your library card it is important to report it to the library staff as soon as possible so the card can be cancelled to prevent unauthorized use. 

Course literature can not be borrowed.

Lending rules

You commit to the lending rules when applying for a library card and you are responsible for the loans made with your card. You are also responsible for having address and personal data updated in our records and to keep you updated about changes in the lending rules.

Books not returned on time will be demanded. When material has not been returned after repeated reminders, the user will be prohibited from borrowing further material until all books are returned.

Loan period

The loan period is normally 28 days. Exceptions:

Books in a reservation queue: 14 days
Course literature, fiction: 7 days
Course literature: can not be borrowed
Journals and magazines: can not be borrowed
Encyclopedia and reference books: can not be borrowed


You can renew a loan, if the book is not requested by another borrower. Renewals are made by logging on to your library account "Mig & Mitt" or by contacting the information desk.

You can get a PIN-code at the information desk or by "Mig & Mitt".


For damaged or lost books the user will be charged a replacement cost plus an administrative charge of 200 SEK.


Library lending rules

Log in to see your loans

One library card is enough

If you already have a library card in one of the following municipalities we can register it at the University Library as well. Remember to bring a photo-id. You can also register your new library card at one of these libraries. You always return borrowed books to the same library from where you have borrowed them.

It applies to the following municipalities: Falköping, Grästorp, Gullspång, Götene, Hjo, Karlsborg, Mariestad, Skara, Tibro, Tidaholm and Töreboda.

Library opening hours

Monday-Thursday 08.00-20.00
Friday 08.00-17.00
Saturday 10.00-16.00
Detailed information, irregular opening hours 


Phone: +46-(0)500-448060
Visiting address: Högskolevägen 4

Högskolebiblioteket i Skövde
Box 408
SE-541 28 Skövde