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    University of Skövde, link to startpage

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      University of Skövde, link to startpage

      Fact Sheet for Partner Universities

      On this page you can find the online Fact Sheet about the University of Skövde.

      Welcome to the University of Skövde!

      • Contact Information

        Erasmus Code

        S SKOVDE01

        International Office

        University of Skövde International Office Academic Affairs and Student Support
        P.O. Box 408, 541 28 Skövde, Sweden

        Head of International Office

        International Coordinators

        • Andrea Diao Jonsson
          International student recruitment, scholarship programmes for tuition-fee paying students, Study Abroad programme

          Tel: +46 500 448027
        • Karin Jonegård
          International student recruitment, scholarship programmes for tuition-fee paying students, Study Abroad programme 
          Tel: +46 500 448224

        • Sanna Larsson
          Erasmus+ Agreements and Staff Exchange, Nordplus

          Tel: +46 500 448065
        • Frida Lindgren
          Coordinator for incoming and outgoing exchange students and for the Introduction Programme for international students

          Tel: +46 500 448183

        Incoming Students (Admission)

        Academic Calendar

        • Autumn Semester 2022: August 29, 2022 – January 15, 2023
        • Spring Semester 2023: January 16 – June 4, 2023

        An Introduction Programme for international students will take place during the week before the start of the semester. You can find the Introduction schedule here.

      • Course Information

        Languages of Instruction

        The University of Skövde offers courses taught in Swedish and English.

        Available Courses for Exchange Students in English

        Our University offers about 100 courses in English in different fields of study for your students.

        • Engineering (Industrial, Mechanical and Product Design Engineering)
        • Natural Sciences (Bioinformatics, Biomedicine, Molecular Biology, System Biology)
        • Business Administration
        • Computer Science (Informatics, Information Systems Development)
        • Computer Game Development
        • Media Arts, Aesthetics and Narration
        • Nursing
        • Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy
        • English language
        • Swedish language

        A list of our courses that will be available for exchange students can be found at Courses for Exchange Students.

      • Requirements for Admission – Exchange Students

        Prerequisites for courses

        We advise your students to read our instructions before submitting their course applications. You and your students must carefully check the prerequisites for each course that they want to apply to. Your students should only apply to courses that they fulfil the specific academic requirements for. In some cases, we might ask your students to demonstrate that they meet the prerequisites by submitting syllabuses (course plans) from courses they have previously studied.

        Courses on master´s level

        Most of our master´s level courses require that the student has been awarded a bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a Swedish kandidatexamen). Please observe that in Sweden there are national guidelines for how to assess academic qualifications from different countries. These guidelines will be used to evaluate your student´s qualifications and eligibility to specific courses. Please make sure that the student submits a copy of the degree certificate and an official transcript of records.

        Language Proficiency

        The sending university is responsible for ensuring that nominated students are sufficiently fluent in English. The sending university must be able to confirm that they meet the minimum recommended level (B2) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) by signing our English Proficiency Certificate.

        If a student turns out to have insufficient knowledge in the English language, and this prevents him or her from actively participating in courses, we cannot be bound to the Learning Agreement.

        A student can also demonstrate their English abilities by submitting an internationally recognized English test if they do not wish to use the English Proficiency Certificate.

        Accepted English tests and minimum results required are listed below:

        IELTS Academic

        Minimum overall score: 6,5
        Minimum score in every section: 5,5

        TOEFL Paper-based

        Minimum overall score: 575
        Minimum score Writing section: 4,5

        TOEFL Internet-based

        Minimum overall score: 90
        Minimum score Writing section: 20

        Cambridge Advanced English (CAE)

        Minimum overall score: Accepted

        Cambridge Proficiency (CPE)

        Minimum overall score: Accepted

        Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)

        Minimum overall score: Does not fulfil the language requirements

        Students who have taken university courses taught in English may not have to submit a formal test result. More information about this can be found at

      • Course selection – Exchange Students

        Exchange students must be admitted to at least 30 credits, which equals one semester of full-time studies. Your students are free to select these 30 credits from courses in all our subject fields, as long as they seem to fulfil the prerequisites of the course. If they want, they may add extra language courses as follows: 15 credits in English language courses + 18 credits in Swedish culture and language courses.

        The maximum amount of credits (ECTS) an exchange student can be admitted to in one semester is thus: 30 credits in all our subject areas + 15 credits in English language courses + 18 credits in Swedish language/culture courses.

        More information about how to choose courses will be sent to the nominated students.

      • Application Procedure – Exchange Students

        Nomination Deadlines for Exchange Students

        March 10 for the following autumn semester or the full academic year.
        September 10 for the following spring semester.

        The nomination of exchange students should be emailed to We will only process applications from students who have been formally nominated and accepted. After we have accepted your nomination, we will contact the students and send them more detailed information about the application procedures.

        Application Period for Exchange Students

        March 15 – April 15 for the following autumn semester or the full academic year.
        September 15 – October 15 for the following spring semester.

        How to apply for courses

        Accepted exchange students submit their course applications via the national Swedish university application system;

        When selecting courses, please consider the following:

        • The students must choose courses from the list we send the nominated students with available courses
        • They should only apply to courses where they fulfil the academic requirements
        • The courses the student choose should correspond to their level of study (bachelor or master’s level). However, master level students are welcome to apply to both bachelor´s and master´s level courses
        • The student should select courses representing at least 30 credits (equal to 30 ECTS), and make sure to choose courses that cover the entire semester (and not, for example, just the first half of the semester)
        • The course selection should be ranked in order of preference

        Prepare supporting documentation

        The student must prepare the required supporting documents, such as an official transcript of records in both English and the original language, a copy of a valid passport, a signed English Proficiency Certificate etc. For master level students, a copy of the bachelor degree diploma will also be required. The documents must be scanned in PDF format.

        All course applications from exchange students must be submitted via Nominated students will receive specific instructions on how to create an account on this website, how to submit their course applications and how to upload the documents. If you want to help your students to submit their applications, we refer you to these instructions.

        Please be aware that is used by all students (national and international) that are applying to all Swedish universities. This means that it contains information that is not relevant for exchange students. For this reason, it is very important that your students follow the step-by-step instructions given in our guides “Application Procedures for Exchange Students” and “Application Guide for”. These documents will be published on our website and / or sent directly to the nominated students.

        The required documents should be submitted no later than October 15/April 15.

        Required documents

        The student must submit the following documents:

        1. The official transcript of university records in English
        2. The official transcript of university records in the original language
        3. The English Proficiency Certificate
        4. A copy of a valid passport or national identity card, clearly stating the citizenship. For non-EU students a copy of the passport is required
        5. A passport photo

        Students applying for master’s level courses must also submit:
        6. A copy of the bachelor’s degree certificate (diploma) accompanied by an updated official transcript of records in English and in the original language. If the student has not received an official diploma by the time of the application, some other official document where the university confirms that the requirements for a bachelor´s degree have been met must be submitted.

        Please note that the documents that the student submits must be scanned in PDF-format. We will not consider a student’s application unless the transcripts from your university have been translated to English. We will accept verifications that are signed by a university official and stamped with the university seal. All translations must be accompanied by a verified copy of the original.

        Admission results

        Course admissions results (“Notification of Selection Results”) will be notified online at The first admission results will be published the middle of November/May. The student can then find the Notification of Selection Results by logging in to his or her account at the website. If the student has not received an admission result for all their selected courses by then, a complete admission results will be no later than by the middle of December/June.

        We will prioritize applications from students from outside Europe, since they need to apply for residence permits in time. Non-European students can therefore expect to receive their final course admission results by middle of November/May.

        Please observe that we will not send formal admission letters via e-mail. If a printed copy of the admission result is needed for residence permit applications or other situations, the student can print the Notification of Selection Results from this website and use it as proof of admission.

        Learning agreement

        The study programme stated in the Learning Agreement must conform to the courses that the student is actually admitted to at the University of Skövde. Otherwise we will not be able to sign the Learning Agreement, or we will need to make changes to the original study plan.

        We therefore suggest that you send the Learning Agreement to us after the final course admission results has been published. The signing of the Learning Agreement will be handled by the Admissions Office (

      • Academic Information

        Exam Sessions

        Most courses end with a test in the form of a written examination in an examination room, where the students’ knowledge is tested. Other forms of examinations can be home-based tests, laboratory experiments, seminars and assignments to be submitted.

        Course Registration

        Course registration is normally done on campus during the Introduction Programme.

        Exam Sign-Up

        Students must sign up in advance if they want to take an examination or if they are retaking an exam. The students must sign up no later than one week before the day of the exam. To be able to sign up for an examination they need Internet access and a student user account at the University of Skövde. More information will be given during the Introduction Programme.

        Distance Examination

        Since international students are expected to attend the Introduction Programme, the University of Skövde offers exchange students the possibility to take exams at the University of Skövde instead of the home institution during the first three weeks of the semester. Please contact for more information about this possibility.

        For Partners with Double-Degree collaboration with the University of Skövde

        Students from partner universities that have a Double-Degree collaboration with our university, and who wish to apply for a degree from the University of Skövde after they have completed their studies here (including a bachelor project) might be asked to submit syllabuses and transcripts of completed courses and grades. University records should be submitted in English and in the original language. All translations must be officially certified and accompanied by a verified copy of the original.

        Transcript and Other Documents after Completed Studies

        Exchange students can order a transcript from us via our student portal. We will then send the transcript along with a course certificate and a description of our grading system after the studies have been completed.

      • Practical Information for Incoming Students

        Accommodation Information

        Students who need help to find a place to stay in Skövde should fill in our online accommodation application. The students can apply for accommodation before they receive their course admission results. Please make sure that your students read through the terms of rent and payment before submitting the accommodation application no later than November 15. Due to the nature of living conditions in the student housing and limitations with our landlords it is not possible to bring family members or pets during the exchange studies. Students who want to bring their families will have to arrange the accommodation by themselves. You find more information here.

        Student Accommodation Coordinator

        Arrival / Pick-Up Service

        Exchange students are expected to arrive to Skövde during certain “arrival days”, normally the week before the semester starts. A pick-up service will be provided during specific arrival dates and hours. With this service, the students will be picked up at the train station in Skövde and transported to their accommodation. If the students arrive on other days they must arrange their own transportation. The students will be asked to fill out an arrival form with arrival details, in order to prepare the student´s accommodation keys. Information will be sent to the students after they have been admitted to studies at our university.

        Late arrival

        If a student cannot arrive in time for the Introduction Programme, please make sure to notify us this by sending an e-mail to

      • Introduction Programme for International Students

        The Introduction Programme for international students takes place the week before the beginning of each semester. During the programme the students will get to know the University, the Student Union, the city of Skövde and its surroundings. They will receive information about the registration procedure, course schedules, computer access, security cards and much more. A special social programme will also be arranged.

      • Student Support and Services

      • Follow us!

      Published: 2/17/2021
      Edited: 1/19/2022