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      University of Skövde, link to startpage

      Checklist for students admitted through

      This information is for international students who applied and were admitted through


      • 1. Notification of selection results

        The notification of selection results for master's spring 2022 will be published on 21th of October 2021.

        The notification of selection results for late applicants for master's spring 2022 will be published about Mid-November. Please log in to to find your results.

        Your Notification of Selection Results is available online as a printable pdf file on, no hard copy is sent by regular mail. This an official document and should be used when you need to present an official copy of your selection results.

      • 2. Welcome email

        Information from the University will be sent on the same day the admission results are published, to the email address you used at Please check your spam folder and contact us if you still have not received any email.

      • 3. Pre-departure webinars

        We strongly recommend all admitted students who do not live in Sweden to attend our pre-departure webinars. The webinars will give you important information to help you prepare before moving to Sweden. Check the welcome email for information on how to sign up for the webinars.

      • 4. Tuition fee, first installment

        Pay your first installment of the tuition fees if you are required to pay tuition fees in Sweden. An invoice will be sent to you by email within a week from the notification of selection results has been published. You have to pay by the date stated on the invoice you receive from the university. You will receive a confirmation of payment as soon as the Finance Office receives your payment.

      • 5. Residence permit for studies

        Apply for a Residence permit for studies in Sweden, if you are a Non-EU/EEA student. When you apply for your residence permit, you enclose a copy of your Notification of Selection Results that you have printed from University Admissions and the confirmation of payment you have received from our Finance Office.

      • 6. Accommodation

        If you have not arranged for your accommodation already, you need to start now. Under Accommodation you will find information about how to find a place to stay.

      • 7. Health Insurance

        It is important that you have adequate Health Insurance before arriving in Sweden.

      • 8. Registration

        Registration is mandatory. The registration process is different for student admitted to programmes and courses in English. Please follow the instructions on how to register for students admitted via carefully. Registration is proof of enrollment.

        This is also when you activate your Student account (Student Portal).

      • 9. Conditionally admitted?

        In case you have been conditionally admitted, please upload your documents on as soon as you get them, so that your credentials are assessed when you arrive in Sweden.

      • 10. Arrival Pick-up Service

        Arrival/Pick-up Service normally takes you from the train station in Skövde to your accommodation in Skövde. Pick-up service will be provided during specific hours.

      • 11. International introduction

        The International introduction starts on wednesday, 12th of January. During the introduction you will get more information about Skövde and the university. Social activities will be offered to help you get to know other students.

        The First programme meeting is mandatory and will mark the official start of the academic year. More information will be available in later.

      • 12. Bank information

        It is recommended that you use a debit card or a credit card from your home country that is internationally accepted (e.g. Visa, Mastercard). Students with a residence permit in Sweden for 12 months or longer can open a bank account in any of the banks represented in Skövde.

      • 13. Living costs

        Living costs, such as food, accommodation, local transportation are about 9 000 SEK per month. The cost for tuition fee, literature and travel are not included. For more information check out Study in Sweden (

      • 14. Access cards/entry pass and library card

        Information on how to get both cards will be provided during the international introduction.

        See Student Portal for entry pass and the Library for library card.

      • 15. Schedule

        Schedule – you can search for your course and programme schedules via TimeEdit. On the Schedule page you can also find out when our different schedule periods will be published.

        As soon as you register for your courses you will find your personal schedule in the Student Portal (Studentportalen).

      • 16. Learning platform Canvas

        After the registration for your programme you can log in to the learning platform Canvas ( with your student account (activated in step 8).

        Introduction to Canvas.

      • 17. Zoom quick startup

        Zoom quick startup:

        1. Prepare by watching (captions available in English)
        2. The University Zoom entrance is on this address
        3. Sometimes it is relevant to click the button SSO (single sign on) to enter Zoom the correct way.
        4. The University company domain is his-se (with a dash!).
        5. When you login you should enter your student account, i. e. a21jesbe and password
        6. Find a help and support site at
        7. Find a local helpsite search for zoom
        8. Try a test meeting either with a friend or use a place that is always open.
        9. Install Zoom on your computer
        10. Install Zoom on your mobile
        11. We recommend you to login and make sure you get the paid licence. The free Zoom-account is OK, but limited. The University offer is for your convenience.
      Published: 10/14/2020
      Edited: 10/19/2021