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      Create and activate account

      This guide shows how to activate your user account, allowing you e.g. to register for courses in Studentportalen and view course material in Canvas.

      After admission there is a delay of up to 24 hours before an account is created. Accounts are usually created at 12:00 (noon) and should be ready to activate the day after admission.

      A) Activate user account

      Your user account is prepared after admission to a course or programme. Authentication is mandatory to create the account.

      Go to

      Authenticate through either BankID,, eduID, or verification code. If you do not have a Swedish electronic identification, verify your student account through universityadmissions or eduID.

      Login page for Buttons to choose authentication method (BankID,, verification code or eduID).


      If you are an EU citizen without a Swedish personal identity number, you could use eIDAS to verify your identity and obtain an eduID.

      To create an eduID, visit the eduID registration page.

      For further questions regarding how to create and use your eduID, please see the eduID FAQ.

      One use verification code

      If you authenticate with a one use verification code you need to provide your personal identification number and the verification code.

      Authenticate with a one-use verification code, picture displaying a form for entering personal identity number and verification code.

      In this step you should see the user name of your prepared account. Click on Begin activation.

      Start page for where account activation may be initiated.

      Cannot see your user account? If more than 24 hours have passed since your admission, contact

      We recommend that you verify your contact information, which makes it easier for us to assist should any issues arise.

      Page where contact information may be verified. Submit e-mail, SMS number and verification code.

      • Enter the e-mail address you wish to verify. Click on Send e-mail for verification
      • Enter the code sent to your e-mail, then click on the arrow button
      • Repeat the process for your phone number. Enter your number, click Send text message verification, enter the code and click on the arrow
      • Optional: Check "Update e-mail and phone number in Ladok as well" to provide e.g. the Student Affairs Office with your updated contact information
      • Click Continue

      Your user account will now synchronize with the University's different systems. Wait a few minutes until it is done.

      Account being processed for activation. Loading spinner and a link back to the start page.

      Should you return to the start page, the button "Continue activation" will appear under the account name when the processing is complete.

      Waiting for the account to process on the start page.

      You should now be able to click the button Continue activation (regardless if you are on the activation page or start page).

      Continue account activation from the activation page.

      Continue account activation from the start page.

      You must accept the terms of use for the University's computers to continue the activation.

      Read the terms and then click Next, choose password.

      Picture of the form for choosing a password (text fields for entering and re-entering the password, button “Set password” and password requirements).

      The final step is to choose a secure password according to the defined requirements.

      Follow the requirements showed on the page.

      Click Set password.

      Click Finish.

      You should now be able to use your user account to log in e.g. in Studentportalen or the webmail.

      In most cases you should only enter the user name, for example a23abcde and not the entire e-mail address when logging in.

      Should you have forgotten your user name you can find it by logging in to (through e.g. or eduID). If you verified an e-mail address while activating the account you should also have received a confirmation where the user name is displayed.

      One exception is when connecting to the wireless network eduroam, where you will need to enter (for example

      On HelpIT (ComAround) there are multiple guides for how to connect to eduroam depending on which kind of device you are using.

      B) Register for courses and programmes

      When you have activated your user account according to A) you may register for your courses in Studentportalen. See information about registration dates.

      Click "Log in" to the upper right. There is also a login button on the start page.

      Studentportalen’s start page with login buttons highlighted.

      Expand the plus icon next to "My studies", click on "Course registration".

      Studentportalen’s menu with the link to course registration highlighted.

      Click "Add" next to the courses you want to register for.

      An example of the course registration service, with the button to add a course highlighted.

      To complete the registration, click on "Register". If the courses are offered as part of a programme you will also be registered on that programme.

      An example of having added a course for registration and where to click to confirm.

      When you are registered you may click on "My studies" in the menu for an overview of your results, programmes and courses.

      Studentportalen’s menu with a link to My studies highlighted.

      C) Log in to the learning platform Canvas

      When you have registered for your courses according to B) you may log in to the learning platform Canvas to find course material, provided that this has been published by the course coordinator. Course pages are usually published in conjunction with when the course starts.

      Please see the introduction and guides to using Canvas (in Studentportalen, external link).

      Login page for Canvas

      Click on "Log in to Canvas with your University account" and enter your user account credentials.

      Published: 6/16/2023
      Edited: 6/16/2023