The LIM-IT project is a collaborative research project running over four years, which involves Combitech AB, Findwise AB, Husqvarna AB, JAK, PrimeKey Solutions AB, RedBridge AB, Saab AB – ICT, Scania IT AB and University of Skövde as project partners. The project is financially supported by the Knowledge Foundation.


Sitting from left to right:  Björn Lundell (University of Skövde), Jonas Feist (RedBridge AB), Stefan Tengblad (University of Skövde), Jonas Gamalielsson (University of Skövde), Gert Johansson (Combitech AB), Krister Johannesson (University of Skövde). Standing from left to right: Erik Lönroth (Scania IT AB), Tomas Gustavsson (PrimeKey Solutions AB), Elin Andersson (Saab AB – ICT), Niklas Rickö (JAK), Johan Sjöberg (Findwise AB), Bahram Hooshyar Yousefi (University of Skövde), Thomas Fischer (University of Skövde), Anders Mattsson (Husqvarna AB), Bengt Rodung (Findwise AB), Conny Backlund (Combitech AB), Johan Oppmark (JAK).

Three fundamental challenges related to different types of lock-in effects, different interoperability issues, and long-term maintenance scenarios are addressed by the project.

The overarching goal of  LIM-IT is to develop, use, and scrutinise effective work practices and strategies for development, procurement, and organisational implementation of software systems in a number of complex application domains, where such software systems with associated digital assets typically involve several open source projects (as well as proprietary software), often depending on many different legacy systems.


Partners in collaboration in LIM-IT.



Björn Lundell, Ph.D.
Software Systems Research Group
School of Informatics
Phone: +46(0)500 448319

The project in short

Full name of project:
LIM-IT: Lock-in, Interoperability & long-term Maintenance in IT.

1 October 2016 – 30 September 2020

Financially supported by:
The Knowledge Foundation (KK-stiftelsen) and partners in collaboration.

Combitech AB, Findwise AB, Husqvarna AB, JAK, PrimeKey Solutions AB, RedBridge AB, Saab AB – ICT, Scania IT AB och Högskolan i Skövde.

Name and title of the researcher related to the project:
Björn Lundell, Professor
Jonas Gamalielsson, Ph.D
Stefan Tengblad, Professor
Simon Butler, Ph.D
Thomas Fischer, Ph.D


22 November 2019
Open seminar with the LIM-IT project

22 October 2019
Seminar on open science

12 November 2019
Presentation on lock-in effects @ Upphandla IT

30 September 2019
SSRG researcher presented research results in Germany

22 August 2019
OpenSym 2019 - Day 3

21 August 2019
OpenSym 2019 - Day 2

20 August 2019
OpenSym 2019 - Day 1

19 August 2019
Hållbar digitalisering: Möjligheter och hinder

4 July 2019
Challenges discussed @ seminar, Västsvenska arenan, Almedalen

17 June 2019
SSRG contribution published in IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering

21 May 2019
LIM-IT workshop

21 May 2019
Open seminar with the LIM-IT project

15 November 2018
LIM-IT workshop

22 October 2018
Seminar on open science

22 August 2018
LIM-IT @ OpenSym 2018

5 July 2018
Presentation @ Seminar, Almedalen, Visby

27 May 2018
LIM-IT results presented at ICSE 2018

17 May 2018
Open science seminar

14 May 2018
LIM-IT workshop

14 May 2018
Open seminar with the LIM-IT project

20 November 2017
Networking at Internetdagarna 2017

9 November 2017
LIM-IT workshop

23 October 2017
Seminar on open science

23 August 2017
LIM-IT @ OpenSym 2017

6 July 2017
Presentation @ Seminar, Almedalen, Visby

22 May 2017
LIM-IT @ the OSS 2017 conference

10 May 2017
LIM-IT workshop

27 April 2017
LIM-IT challenges and results presented @ LLW 2017

8 February 2017
Research challenges presented at ModProd 2017

4 February 2017
Legal and policy challenges discussed at FOSDEM 2017

22 November 2016
Important Research Venture at the University of Skövde within the Area of Open Source