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    University of Skövde, link to startpage

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      University of Skövde, link to startpage

      Alexander Karlsson

      Associate Professor of Informatics
      School of Informatics
      Room PA520H



      Ronnie Johansson, Peter Hammar, Alexander Karlsson, Sidney Rydström

      2023. Report.

      H. Joe Steinhauer, Tove Helldin, Gunnar Mathiason, Alexander Karlsson

      Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing

      2023. Article. Open Access

      Koen Vellenga, Alexander Karlsson, H. Joe Steinhauer, Göran Falkman, Anders Sjögren

      ICMLC 2023: Proceedings of 2023 15th International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing, Zhuhai, China, February 17-20, 2023

      2023. Conference paper. Open Access


      Ronnie Johansson, Alexander Karlsson, Sten F. Andler, Marcus Brohede, Joeri van Laere, Maria Klingegård (Nilsson), Tom Ziemke

      ISIF Perspectives on Information Fusion

      2022. Article. Open Access

      Koen Vellenga, H. Joe Steinhauer, Alexander Karlsson, Göran Falkman, Asli Rhodin, Ashok Chaitanya Koppisetty

      IEEE Open Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems

      2022. Article, review. Open Access


      Alexander Karlsson, Ebru Turanoglu Bekar, Anders Skoogh

      IEEE Access

      2021. Article. Open Access

      Mohan Rajashekarappa, Johan Lené, Ebru Turanoglu Bekar, Anders Skoogh, Alexander Karlsson

      2021 Global Reliability and Prognostics and Health Management (PHM-Nanjing): October 15-17, 2021 in Nanjing, China

      2021. Conference paper.

      Benjamin Ulfenborg, Alexander Karlsson, Maria Riveiro, Christian X. Andersson, Peter Sartipy, Jane Synnergren

      Journal of Biotechnology

      2021. Article. Open Access


      H. Joe Steinhauer, Anders Åhlén, Tove Helldin, Alexander Karlsson, Gunnar Mathiason

      International Journal of Information, Communication Technology and Applications

      2020. Article.

      Niclas Ståhl, Göran Falkman, Alexander Karlsson, Gunnar Mathiason

      Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems: 18th International Conference, IPMU 2020, Lisbon, Portugal, June 15–19, 2020, Proceedings, Part I

      2020. Conference paper.

      Ongoing projects

      Intelligent Driver Support Systems and Safety Enhancement

      I2Connect focuses on developing next generation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for trucks. The emphasis will be on developing algorithms for fusion and situation assessment and prediction based on Evidence Theory, as well as adaptive human-machine interfaces (HMI).

      November 2023 - May 2026 Informatics

      Predictive Maintenance with Internet-of-Things and Digital Twins

      Predictive maintenance is one of the major thrust areas for many global manufacturing companies. Artificial intelligence, big data analytics and industrial internet of things (IoT) have already shown great potential in the area of maintenance. However, as more companies adopt these technologies, several key challenges have emerged hindering the progress towards complete digitalization of maintenance operations.

      December 2021 - November 2024 Virtual Engineering

      Finished projects

      Can AI streamline the iron and steel industry?

      The iron and steel industry needs to be streamlined and the amount of scrap reduced to increase returns. What is required is a faster and more reliable production with stricter tolerances – then better products are created that reach the customer faster. This project, INSITE-X, will develop an AI-based prototype for detailed simulation of dynamic production-behaviour of critical machines, to increase process understanding and control.

      March 2021 - February 2024 Informatics

      STRATUS – AI for climate adaption

      This project aims to identify, adjust and implement AI methods to improve and create a more resilient drinking water production and distribution, where the operators at the drinking water plants are supported in their decision making processes.

      November 2021 - November 2023 Informatics


      The main outcome from the OSSD project is a one year master programme comprising courses of industrial relevance in the field of open systems which is developed in order to address future challenges concerning sustainable digitalisation.

      April 2021 - March 2023 Informatics

      Intention recognition for real-time automotive 3D situation awareness

      Intention recognition is the task of inferring an agent´s intention based on its previous actions. It is crucial for human social intelligence which in turn enables understanding of, and for the ability to predict, other humans´ behaviours, such as for example other drivers´ intent to overtake, stop, turn, or switch lanes. For making situation-based decisions, both autonomous and human drivers need to take the intentions of surrounding vehicles into account. This is especially true in a mix of autonomous and human drivers.

      January 2019 - December 2022 Informatics


      Predictive Maintenance (PdM) using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) is the top-ranked use case in terms of business value of industrial digitalization. Not surprising since the annual maintenance cost in Swedish manufacturing industry is over 100 billion SEK and 60% of all maintenance activities are reactive.

      March 2019 - February 2022 Informatics

      A smarter society through Big Data analytics

      An unprecedented growth of data, fed by novel technologies, user behaviour and business models, is one of the most dramatic and important developments in both ICT and society at large. Most of this is Big Data, characterised by vast volume, high velocity, large variety and unknown veracity. These properties pose significant challenges when collecting, managing and processing data.

      January 2015 - January 2020 Informatics

      Bioinformatics - Biomedical Big Data

      The aim of this project is to contribute with improved methods for analysis, integration, and visualization of biomedical big data. Recent years it has been a massive digitalization of all types of data and information in the society and the majority of all information in the world is nowadays anticipated to be digitalized. This encompasses enormous possibilities for generation of new knowledge but also puts demands on competence and tools for analysis and interpretation of big and complex data, e.g. to identify and extract patterns and information from different data sources. To meet these increasing demands of large-scale data analysis more competence, better and faster algorithms, and powerful computers are needed for execution these algorithms.

      October 2015 - September 2019 Systems Biology

      BISON: Better decisions through Big Data

      Big data has gained much interesting in recent years due to the rapid expansion of the massive amount of data that is available for solving different types of tasks within many different application domains. However, today's big data is still on a fairly low level of abstraction when it comes to complex decision support tasks, subject to e.g. high dimensionality and significant portions of uncertainty regarding which patterns to look for in the data.

      October 2015 - September 2019 Informatics
      Published: 1/9/2020
      Edited: 1/9/2020