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    University of Skövde, link to startpage

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      University of Skövde, link to startpage

      SFI2022: Swedish French Workshop on Industry 4.0

      Date 26 April
      Time 08:45 - 16:30
      Location ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena, Kavelbrovägen 2B, 541 36 Skövde

      The general topic for the conference SFI2022: Swedish French Workshop on Industry 4.0 is "The role of Humans and Data in Industry 4.0". Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing describe optimized engineering networks and production with the objective of delivering smart products using digitalization.

      During the upcoming workshop SFI2022: Swedish French Workshop on Industry 4.0, you will be served a show room with the last applied research involving industry and academia regarding Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing.

      The workshop is a collaboration with the French Institute for Services and Industries of the Future and Swedish ASSAR Industrial Innovation Arena. It is organized at ASSAR with the general topic "The role of Humans and Data in Industry 4.0". Read more about the workshop in the about section below.

      Venue: ASSAR Innovation Arena, Skövde, Sweden. In coordination with the SPS2022 conference:




      The general topic of the workshop is “The role of Humans and Data in Industry 4.0” including the following topics:

      • Analytics and smart data
      • Simulation and digital twin
      • Industry & academia success stories

      The workshop will be organized at ASSAR, where several demonstrators will be presented.

      • What skills are needed for Industry 4.0?
      • How can simulation and digital twin help improve the design of industrial facilities and reduce costs?
      • How can artificial intelligence be efficiently integrated in order to enable better and informed decision making?
      • How can we best integrate human workers in these emerging new production environments?




      Opening presentation

      Volvo projects/strategy on Industry 4.0 (Sven Wilhelmsson, Kanika Gandhi Panwar, Volvo GTO)


      Coffee and networking


      Session: Smart factories

      • Virtual factories with knowledge-driven optimization. (Amos Ng, University of Skövde)
      • Virtual manufacturing processes (Kent Salomonsson, University of Skövde)


      Plenary Talk

      Scheduling and Industry 4.0 (Farouk Yalaoui, University of Technology of Troyes)


      Lunch at ASSAR and networking at ASSAR demonstrators


      SessionIndustry & academia success stories

      • Volvo-HS project Manuwork load balancing considering human-robot collaboration (Masood Fathi, University of Skövde)
      • Smart algorithms for industrial packaging (Lionel Amodeo, University of Technology of Troyes)
      • Analyzing the Role of Expert Operators in Industry Using Functional Resonance Analysis Method (Yasue Naruki, Tetsuo Sawaragi, Kyoto University)


      Coffee and networking


      Session: Analytics & smart data

      • Smart Data for energy systems (Taha Arbaoui, University of Technology of Troyes)
      • Smart-IAT and smart-industry (Jetro Kenneth Pocorni, Linnaeus University)
      • Decision support system for lot-sizing and scheduling in tire industry (Yassine Ouazene, University of Technology of Troyes)


      Closing session

      Prof Farouk Yalaoui

      Prof. Farouk YALAOUI is currently a full Professor at Troyes University of Technology (UTT), France, where he is the director of Services and Industries of The Future of Troyes Institute (ISIFT). He is also scientific director of Industrial Chair “Connected Innovation” of UTT since 2016 .

      He obtained his Engineering degree in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnics School of Algiers (Algeria) in 1995, his master’s degree in Industrial System Engineering from Polytechnics Institute of Lorraine (Nancy, France) in 1997, his Ph.D. degree in Production Management from the Troyes University of Technology (UTT) in 2000 and followed by a Habilitation à diriger les recherches (Dr. Hab) from Compiegne University of Technology (UTC) in 2006. His research topic focuses on the scheduling problems, system design, operations research, modeling, analysis and optimization of logistic and production systems, reliability and maintenance optimization and on optimization problems in general.

      He is author or co-author of a pattern and more than 440 contributions, publications or communications with 1 patent; 3 books (Ellipses, Hermes-Lavoisier, Willey and Sons), 3 edited books (Springer), 12 book chapters and 80 papers in journals such as IIE Transactions, European Journal of Operational research, International Journal of Production Economics, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, Reliability Engineering and System Safety, Computer & Operations research, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing. He also published more than 270 papers in conference proceedings. He had presented 42 invited speeches (seminaries or conferences plenary sessions). He was invited by different universities more than 2° times.

      He is member of editor board of the book series "Automation and Control - Industrial Engineering", ISTE Wiley, London, since 2014. He is also member of several international conference committees (about 121 conferences), member of more than 25 organization committees of conferences and the general Chair of IFAC MIM 2016. He served or serves as editor to 15 International journal Boards. He supervised or co-supervised 20 Ph.D thesis and more than 55 projects since 2001.

      He is Vice Chair of IFAC (International federation of Automation and Control) TC group 5.2. He is Chair of a Working Group on multiobjective optimization. He is member of ITAC TC group 5.1. He is member of French Universities National Council (CNU) field Automation, Control, Industrial Engineering (section 61). He is member and expert for French ANR agency, and for different agency such French AERES Agency, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Algerian PNR program. He is member of Algerian Academy of Science and Technology since 2015. He obtained of Annual Award 20117 of the IFAC French National Member Organization (NMO).

      Talk Abstract

      Industry 4.0 has become one of the hot issues for industrial companies nowadays. This deep transformation that companies undergo will not only change the production process or design but also how companies interact with the clients and suppliers. This talk is dedicated to new trends in Industry 4.0 and in particular technologies and solutions that allow companies to innovate and introduce new services for the industries of the future. We will introduce the different challenges that companies face today to implement and integrate these technologies and how to overcome them. A special focus will be given to human resources and their importance in the management of change and in helping the companies innovate in services. Finally, we tackle the interaction between the R&D sphere and the industrial sphere as the most important step in innovation nowadays. Examples and success stories will be given to show how this interaction provide the companies with a big advantage over competitors.

      Will you be arriving by bus or train?
      In which case, you have a five-minute walk to ASSAR from Skövde Travel Center. To get to ASSAR, the easiest way is to use the pedestrian underpass toward Boulognerskogen (the Boulogner Woods), passing SJ’s parking lot and then crossing Kavelbrovägen.
      Our address is: Kavelbrovägen 2B, 541 36 Skövde.

      Opposite ASSAR’s premises, on the other side of Kavelbrovägen, there is SJ’s parking lot. Handicap-friendly parking is available outside ASSAR.

      This workshop is jointly organized by the University of Skövde and ASSAR Innovation Arena (Sweden) and the University of Technology of Troyes and the Institute for Services and Industries of the Future (France).

      Organization committee members

      • Enrique Ruiz Zúñiga, University of Skövde
      • Taha Arbaoui, University of Technology of Troyes


      Internationalization Responsible

      Published: 3/18/2022
      Edited: 3/18/2022