Game Hub Scandinavia

Right now, the games industry experiences impressing growth rates, and nothing indicates a change.

Therefore, Game Hub Scandinavia will ensure that the games industry becomes one of the main sources of income for the program area. The project will reach this goal by the establishment of strong growth incubators securing survival for the new game companies, and by means of research into diversification, thus providing new knowledge as to how the games industry can penetrate into new markets. The project will strengthen the future position of the games industry by enhanced focus on entrepreneurship in the games educations and by creating an eco-system where researchers, incubators and the game business cooperates to strengthen the Scandinavian position.


Swedish Game Education Index 2016


Project leader

The project in short

Fully name of project:
Game Hub Scandinavia

3 years, starting in August 2015

Financed by:
EU Interreg ÖKS

Collaborating partners/Partnership:
Viden Djurs, Dania Games, The Animation Workshop, Aalborgs kommun, Flexibel Utdanning Norge, Gothia Science Park, Folkuniversitetet

Researchers related to the current project

Per Backlund

Henrik Engström

Björn Berg Marklund

Marcus Toftedahl