Interaction Lab

Research in Interaction Lab is focused on embodied/situated/distributed cognition in natural and artificial cognitive systems - in particular:

  • sensorimotor interaction between cognitive agents (humans, animals, robots) and their environments,
  • social interaction between people, between robots, and not least between humans and robots, and
  • human interaction with different types of information technology, in particular decision support systems and computer games.

In terms of methodologies used, most of our projects currently are in bio-inspired cognitive robotics and (neuro-) computational modeling, but we are also working with cognitive ethnography of human-machine and human-human interaction, motion capture and behavioral experiments with human subjects. We also have three Nao robots, called Huey, Dewey and Louie, and a number of wheeled robots (some e-pucks, some old Kheperas, and a very, very old Nomad 200 called "Marvin").

The Interaction Lab started as a merger between the former InGaMe Lab and COIN (Cognition and Interaction) groups. Please visit the webpages of InGaMe Lab to learn more on game and interactive media research.

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