Zaira Jagudina

Zaira Jagudina

Lektor i socialpsykologi

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Presentation av vetenskapliga papper vid internationella konferenser

  1. The 19th NISPAcee Annual Conference, Public Administration of the Future, 19 - 22 May 2011, Varna, Bulgaria, WG on PA Reform

    Restructuring the State-Civil Society Interaction in Russia: The Case Study of the Socially-Oriented NGOs

    This case study based on the analysis of the qualitative semi-structured interviews aims to clarify how the organisational identity and emotional regime in the socially-oriented NGOs working in cooperation with the official authorities are produced.
  2. The 13th World Congress of Music Therapy, Seoul, July 5-9, 2011

    Emotional Expressions and Social Interplay in Function-Oriented Music Therapy for the Children with Autism

    This paper explains theoretically the mechanisms by which Function-Oriented Music Therapy (FMT) impacts the autistic children’s social skills, including the ability to intuitively understand the Other’s attitudes and meanings and to make use of the conventional means of social communication for the expression of their own feelings.
  3. The ESA Conference, September, 7-10, 2011, Genève, Switzerland

    Transcultural Identity and Emotion of Integration: Experiences of the Immigrant Women Working as Doula & Culture-Interpreter in Sweden

    This paper analyses a relationship between feelings of “reflexive belonging” and experiences of transcultural identity construction by the immigrant women working on the freelance basis as Doula & Culture-Interpreter in Sweden.

Deltagande i forskningsnätverk och seminarier

  • Conference Transnational Social Movements, September, 28, 2011, GCGD, Gothenburg, Sweden

    Participated in the international networking workshop arranged by Department of Sociology, University of Gothenburg, Gothenburg Centre for Globalization and Development, and Centre for Social Movements 
  • Workshop Emotion Studies and Social Movements, Research Network Emotions, at Department of Sociology, University of Gothenburg, September 30, Gothenburg, Sweden

Presentationer och föredrag för omgivande samhälle

  • Min pågående forskning om emotioner, social interaktion och musikterapi presenterades den 2 oktober i  Hallsberg på fortbildningshelg anordnad av Riksföreningen för Diplomerade Musikterapeuter (RFDM)   


Zaira Jagudina