Nomie Eriksson

Nomie Eriksson

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"Bäst är förändringar i pyttesmå steg" - ett personligt porträtt av Nomie Eriksson


Organisationer, chef- och ledarskap, professioner, resiliens och institutionella arrangemang, samt förändringsmöjligheter.

Nomie är aktiv i forskargruppen Medarbetarskap och Organisatorisk Resiliens, en del av Framtidens företagande vid Högskolan i Skövde samt vid KFi, kommunforskning i Västsverige.


Friska vindar i sjukvården - Stöd och hinder vid förändringar i professionella organisationer. Göteborg: Göteborgs universitet, PhD Thesis.


 Change in professional organizations is very difficult to achieve. In this thesis the implementation of a decided change towards a process oriented method of working in healthcare is studied. The aim is to identify what possibilities and obstacles the professions’, as nurses and physicians, have in order to implement a new working method and also to explain why. A process oriented way of working differs from traditional working methods since with the new methods activities are synchronized into a logical chain without repetitions. It gives a standardized way of working for patients in a diagnosis. The new working method also changes what is provided by healthcare, how it is performed, and by whom.


The results show that the implementation of processes is supported by the dialogue between the professionals, fiery spirits, and offers from hospital management about education and incentives. Obstacles are activities such as rounds, reports and documentation and they are hard to adapt into processes since they have developed into ceremonies and path dependence.


However, the taken for granted traditional working method only changed to some extent, which could be linked both to the strength of institutional patterns and the strategies used to implement a more process-oriented approach.



Nomie Eriksson

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